Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Me...

Here’s a rundown of my last 24 hours. Interesting day:

11:00pm: I get home and talk to Enes. He has a friend getting married tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. He says something about leaving at 1ish or something, Do I want to go? Sure, as long as I have time to do my Turkish home work. I’ve never been to a Turkish wedding before. (It’s a government ceremony) What do I wear? Enes says wear normal clothes. Ok.

11:30pm: Trying to go to sleep. Can’t. Finally sleep comes. Yea!

6:00am: Alarm goes off. Ahhh. Why? I hit snooze for at least 30 minutes and then roll myself out of bed.

8:15am: Walk to the bus stop and wait for bus. Yes, it pulls up immediately. No waiting today.

9:10am: I walk into my Turkish class 5 min. late. Thanks bus.

9:12am: I realize that I forgot to do part of my homework the night before. Thanks brain for being forgetful.

10:15am: Break time. I go find a table, drink some coffee and sit and talk with my new Polish friend that is in my Turkish class with me.

10:35am: Back to class.

10:37am: I realize yet again how much I have yet to learn and have to talk myself out of the hole I’m digging myself into.

12:15pm: I come to the conclusion that I hate doing Turkish exercises where you have to pick which word goes in the blank. Despise is the word.

12:35pm: It finally clicks in my head that Enes didn’t say we would be going anywhere at 1, he said the wedding would last 1 hour…Ohhh…. (Yes, I’m a little slow.)

1:08pm: Class is finished. I walk to have lunch at the Cultural Center where Enes works.

1:35pm: I arrive. Enes says we have to leave by 2:30 because the wedding time as been changed to 2:45. (Yes, everything ALWAYS happens last minute here) He looks at what I’m wearing and chuckles. (I’m wearing my nice jeans, a black sweater and a scarf.) Great, I’m freaking out in my head that this isn’t the “normal” he was talking about.

1:45pm: Eating and Homework.
2:30pm: Enes and I leave to go the wedding on one of his friend's motorbike because we’re running late.

2:40pm: We get to the area of town where the wedding is and Enes informs me he doesn’t know where it is? He just knows its around here somewhere.

2:45pm: We find the government building, park, run inside and up 3 flights of stairs. I’m still not sure if what I’m wearing is ok, even though Enes said its great and I realize I don’t know even know who it is that is getting married.

2:47pm: We walk into this huge room with lots of chairs, heart decorations everywhere, pictures of people getting married, a little stage at the front with a table with 6 big chairs on it and a huge picture of Ataturk and the Turkish flag behind it. ( The table had 2 on each end and 2 in the middle facing the audience.)

2:48pm: I see a woman wearing windpants. Whew, I’m in the clear.

2:49pm: Some people walk in and go sit down on the end seats of the table up on the stage.

2:50pm: Music starts and bride and groom walk down the aisle. This is when I realize that the groom is the same guy that came to the rescue in the green Hallaleighua car about 3 months ago. I laugh.

2:51pm: Bride and groom go sit in the 2 middle chairs at the table on the stage. Everybody claps.

2:52pm: One of the people on the stage says some stuff. The groom says “Evet” (yes) and everybody claps. The bride says “Evet” (yes) and everybody claps.

2:53pm: Everybody on the stage signs this big huge book. Everybody claps.

2:54pm: Bride and groom exchange rings. Everybody claps.

2:55pm: Bride and groom leave the room. Everybody follows and is going through a line to congratulate them.

2:57pm: Its my turn to offer congratulations and I realize at this point that I don’t remember the word for Congratulations so I’m hoping that I will be able to hear Enes but I don’t so instead the bride and groom get an akward smile from the girl they don’t know at their wedding.

3:00pm: We’re leaving and going to wait for the bus because it is now raining and someone else will drive the motorbike back and we won’t get wet. Yea!

3:30pm: Homework.
4:00pm: Homework.
4:30pm: Homework.
5:00pm: Reading.
6:00pm: Enes and I are going to have dinner with a friend of his and his friend's mom. Enes is cooking. Life is good.

6:30pm: We arrive. Enes and his friend cook. Me and his friends’ mom talk a little and watch television.

7:00pm: We eat lentil soup, these little fish, and sauce that goes on top that is lemon, oil, garlic and pepper, bread and salad. It was soooooo good.

7:30pm: I am stuffed and we haven’t even had dessert yet.

7:45pm: First this little dessert that is traditionally eaten after you eat fish. Its kind of tasted like peanut butter to me. Then something like baklava.

8:00pm: Coffee

8:05pm: More listening to everybody talk a million miles an hour and wondering what these people think as I fumble through talking and hardly understanding what they say when they’re asking me a question.

8:10pm: Convincing myself its good for me and that this is all helping me learn. My brain is tired!!

8:45pm: We leave and head to the bus stop in the pouring rain…

8:50pm: Listen to Enes practice saying" Whatcha doin' ya'll?" in his best Texsan accent as we're riding on the bus.

9:45pm: I get home and my eyeballs are floating. I was afraid to ask if I could use the restroom at the friend’s house before.

10:00pm: Deciding this a good day to write about, so random but everyday is like this in one way or another.

10:30pm: Write. Still really full.

11:00pm Roll myself into bed. Sleep and will start over tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This weekend Enes & I went skiing at Davraz along with a group of about 20 friends. The ski runs are about 2 hours from Antalya. Its nothing like skiing in Colorado, but was fun the none the less. It was really foggy and you couldn't see much to ski in the morning, but in the afternoon the fog lifted a little and made for much better skiing.

We went sledding. Notice all the people in the background. There were a TON of people there who where not skiing but only wanted to go up and down the lift and sled.

Here we are goofing off a bit when the clouds lifted and you could actually see!

This was our visibility most of the day! It was hard and a little scary to ski!

Enes took a little crash landing into a nice pile of snow and I was nice enough to take a picture so everybody can see! :)

Monday, February 09, 2009



I started a blog so I can share my everyday life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)