Monday, May 11, 2009


This weekend me, Enes, Soner, Hayri and Gizem all went up to some waterfalls close to Antalya, then we had a picnic then went to some city ruins on top of a plateau that date back to 3rd centurey B.C. It was beautiful and it was great to get out and explore. Its a amazing to me the things that are around here that you can just walk up to or "happen" upon...

Here's a short clip of the waterfalls and the views from the castle...

And following a few pics... :)

On the way there, the car broke the water...and we had to push it up a hill...and then push start the car... and I wasn't even freaked out during the whole was part of the adventure.... what does that mean?!?!

We got to the waterfalls and Enes decided he was going to fish, but then he threw the whole fishing line in the water.. hee hee ;) so now he's fishing his fishing line out so he can fish!

Hayri fell asleep in a tree after hiking up to the 2nd waterfall. We continued up and this is how we found him when we got back! :)

Enes cooked lunch for all of was gooood :)

Later we hiked up to a castle. This is the beautiful view...

Here's me at the was really peaceful and I needed the time away.